raichekKitty faq

1. What months are you open?

The Gazebo Backpackers is open December through March. There are a number of excellent open year-round backpackers in Golden Bay to take up the slack when we are closed.

2. What makes your backpackers so special?

The Gazebo Backpackers is a home business. And we accommodate only a small number of guests. The most common comment received is that the place feels like a home and not like a backpackers at all. So I guess that is what makes us special. Well maybe 'cause we are also clothing-optional.

3. What extras do you have in your home hostel?

The garage has been converted into a gym. It still looks like a garage but has some excellent weight and aerobic equipment. Most short term guests are not that interested. However I do get the occasional guest who is into body training.

A privacy fence has been constructed in the backyard allowing guests the opportunity for total nudity in a more private setting. Otherwise, any level of dress or undress is acceptable in the house and on the grounds.

3.What if I want to wear clothes - do I have to be nude?

The Gazebo Golden Bay Backpackers is clothing-optional. So feel free to wear whatever you like. Others may decide to be nude. Feel free to decide on your own dress code. Keep in mind that if you are offended by such an environment, it would be best for you to consider staying at one of the other great backpackers in the area.

Many guests find staying here allows them the opportunity to experiment with social nudity yet not feel pressured to do so.

Our motto: Any level of dress is acceptable. Just be yourself and respect others.

4. What do you mean when you say your backpackers is gay-friendly?

Golden Bay is known for its pleasant atmosphere and acceptance of many different lifestyles and it overall frowns upon intolerance and homophobia. Most Golden Bay businesses and backpackers welcome wholeheartedly gay men and lesbian women. Some specialise in accommodation specifically targeted to men such as Autumn Farm. There are also a number of guest homes in the area for the ladies.

The Gazebo Backpackers offers a warm welcome to GLBT guests looking for budget accommodation. Our guest bedrooms are especially attractive for couples.

And please feel free to be yourselves while staying in the Bay.

5. What about families with kids?

The Gazebo Backpackers  has had a number of families stay. The dorm room can be pre-booked for families of four to six when available.

The backpackers is not the best place to stay for families with small children (under 9 years old.) My home is not child proof and could be considered dangerous to youngsters. In addition, I offer no age discount and so larger families would find it cheaper to reserve a motel room.

6. What about pets?

Raichel is a large friendly dog and pretty much has the run of the place. Although she gets along with all animals, there may be chickens about also. So no other pets are allowed.

7. I would like to travel around the Bay and also want to tramp one of the famous tracks in the area - can I leave my stuff at your place?

The Gazebo Backpackers can store your possessions but it does not take any responsibility if something gets lost or stolen. This has never been a problem in the past but times do change.

8. I would like to volunteer help at your place. Is that a possibility?

Definitely. I depend on the occasional wwoofer as there is no way I can keep up with the weeds in my garden in the summer. My needs vary but usually I can use at least one wwoofer each day I am open. Sometimes I need more. So feel free to contact me. Keep in mind volunteer helpers should be comfortable with the nudist naturist lifesyle that is available here.

Helpers work two hours for a night's stay with no food provided, whereas most wwoofing establishments require 4-5 hours of work or more (but  include meals). The town centre is close by with lots of cheap food establishments. There is even an organic store and plenty of local organic farms to get the freshest produce.

9. Why are you not listed in any Backpacker's Guides (BBH for example)?

The Gazebo Golden Bay Naturist Backpackers is a small home hostel which specializes in accommodating those guests who enjoy the naturist nudist lifestyle. Some agencies prefer not to be associated with what I have to offer as it is clothing-optional. For example, HelpX.

I am however listed through a number of internet links. If you do a search for backpackers in Golden Bay, my place should pop up. Also the Golden Bay Information Centre has information on our place.